The protein powder recommended in the plan has helped me so much especially as its plant based so its not affecting my skin! Thank You so much for making this plan ! You showed me what you done and you didn't need to especially as its just your story you're sharing! Thank you and continue helping others! I've gained 6kg with this plan!

Sarah Jones

April 21, 2022

Im so happy i discovered you! I discovered you in December and i started my journey in January. In January i was 53kg and now i am 64kg ! I am continuing my journey with your workout plan and hoping to gain 8kg more !
Thank you so much fr sharing your journey!


April 10, 2022

Hey girl, so I used your 24 days with magnamise. I’ve used it for three weeks now I was 49kg and I checked my weight on Friday and I’m now 59kg 💃Fun fact is I even miss out some meals atimes or replace a few with something else but still worked. And I wasn’t even working out, I just plan on going back to the gym this month. I’m so happy I’m aiming for 70 😃


April 03, 2022

With years of struggles to put on weight, this meal plan has put me on the right direction, making me get to my ideal weight effectively with consistent use. It is very detailed, easy to follow and has lots of useful tips. Cannot recommend it enough!


Feb 14, 2022

If you need to gain weight buy this ebook immediately! Her meal plans gave me inspo of what to eat to hit my daily 3000 calorie target. I Gained like 7lb pounds already in the space of 2 weeks!!

Nsimba Agostinho

Feb 06, 2022

Been wanting to gain weight for so long and started at 50kg used some unhealthy supplements to try and reach my goal and that made me see sum changes but then the weight will go. I purchased magnimise meal plan 3months ago and gained weight just with food and am currently at 70kg. And the weight is still there .Best meal plan for real🙌🏾

Shae Oppong

Sep 25, 2021

Been following your plan alongside working out and I went from 49kg to 63kg, numbers don’t lie I love itt🥰


Aug 30, 2021

A very detailed and easy to follow guide. It if want to gain weight, all you need to do is follow the plan !!! Following the plan consistently will give you the results you are looking for before you know it. Definitely recommended, it’s simply THE BEST 💪🏾


Jun 09, 2021

so I’ve been trying to gain weight for a very long time now, & finally came across magnimise whole meal plan, and it’s so detailed, everything I questioned all had it answered & it’s so realistic! can’t wait to start 100% highly recommend, you’ll love it 🙌🏽🙌🏽♥️


May 23, 2021

I met Deborah through business & since then she has been such an inspiration for me with my weight gain journey as I watched her transform . We started our journeys around the same time. I’m still only 6 lbs short of my goal weight but her plan has helped me so much to know what to eat and what times. I’ve gained 6 lbs since last month even though I missed some days but almost there. Couldn’t have done it without her amazing plan and her support. Loving my body again.


MAy 09, 2021

Deborah is a good friend of mine. I had to support because that’s the homie but I really needed this. It’s helped me with my metabolism 😭😭 since I’ve been going gym too. I’ll definitely be doing up hulk this summer. Much appreciated 😂💪🏽


MAy 03, 2021

Honestly amazing!! I’ve gained a stone🤩 honestly if you’re looking for a meal plan this is the one! Magnimise is also lovely! She’s always there to help no matter what, couldn’t ask for anything better. 100% recommend! Love it❤️


May 02, 2021

Gained 3.5 kg in a week with this meal plan to 53.5kg. Great meal plan if you want to increase your daily meals and know what to eat. Tells you exactly what to do to get there. Can’t wait to continue and get to my goal weight👏🏽


May 02, 2021

I just bought this meal plan recently...guys it’s sooo good! I kinda fell off this past week but I went from 45 to 49kg as of today😭😭😭 it seems so manageable unlike other meal plans and it’s so nicely done. Ooo and the layout is so pretty look at too! At first I didn’t think I could do it but it’s actually worked 🤣 I’ve still got a long way to go but this meal plan has made it easy and more likely that I can do it in such a small amount of time!

Divina Mensa-Kuma

Apr 17, 2021

I love this meal plan, it looks so nice and professional - the layout and design is fab. You can tell a lot of thought and effort has gone into this! There are so many useful tips and a thorough guide to support me with my weight gain journey. I can’t wait to see my results ☺️❤️


Apr 13, 2021

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! I am over the moon with my purchase on Magnimise’s meal plan and I am already starting to see some results :) I’ve always struggled with managing my weight and being happy in my body. Finally, after following Magnimise’s advice, tips and thorough meal plan I’m really starting to feel confident! I am so excited to see the end result!


Apr 11, 2021

Magnimise was so patient and answered all my questions along with giving me all the tips from how to avoid facial weight gain, avoid the fupa, reach my caloric goal daily and even recommended a dairy free shake to implement. I just love that she showed it can be done in 3 months to make a significant change if ur consistent. I started at 8st now I’m up to 9st aiming for 10/11 depending how my 5’2 self carries the weight.


Apr 07, 2021

The Magnimise weight gain plan is what I have been looking for! I have been trying to put on consistent weight for years now and when I saw the plan I had to get it. It is detailed and has everything you need to get started. I cannot wait to see the results


Apr 05, 2021

I would highly recommend this meal plan to anyone that is trying to gain weight. It’s so detailed and helpful! I can’t wait to see my results after!


Apr 04, 2021

Thank you again for the suggestion (protein powder) I was 54kg and I gained 3kg in 10 days so I am 57kg now😭😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


Apr 04, 2021

Your guide is very informative and breaks it down nicely, I even like the shopping list too! I also really like the little extra tips given. Cant wait to reach my results soon


Apr 04, 2021

Love this! I’ve found it hard to think of different foods that can help me gain but this guide has made it easier for me to know what I should be eating and how many calories the food I’m eating is. The tips throughout are a really nice touch and keep you going. Really thought out and effective plan. Highly recommended


Apr 03, 2021

I know my journey has just started but I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for me up until this point. This is the first time in about 6 years that I’ve actually seen positive change to my body ant it means the world to me so thank you <3


Hey Deborah, thanks for the support!! Yes I notice myself having a much better mood and more energy. Before I started this journey, I always felt weak and tired all the time. I made up my mind to make this journey a lifestyle and not a project. Following your instructions and tips has helped me so much to achieve that and to feel healthier. I’m so happy!!


Wanted to say how much confidence I’ve gained recently as well I’m no longer hating looking in the mirror.  I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight but finally seeing changes makes all that difference x


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My name is Deborah, I started my fitness journey in 2020, during the lockdown. At the time I felt like I was a walking stick! I always dreamt of having curves, but every time I tried to gain weight I miserably failed.

Then, I found out I was diagnosed with a serious illness, that was stopping me from achieving my goals. I felt weak, fatigued and hopeless. I then came to the realisation that to beat this illness, I had to fight back and get myself into the best shape possible mentally and physically.

So I wrote myself a nutrition + workout plan and used any apparatus I could find in my home (suitcases, water bottles and resistance bands) and started training hard. In the process, I built the body of my dreams, became healthier and with the help of my doctors and the right mindset, I beat my illness. From countless hours of studying through Google, Youtube and speaking to various Personal Trainers, I was able to get myself to my dream physique.

From this, I wanted to use my story and my knowledge to create a social media page to inspire and help others to achieve their weight gain and fat loss goals, and so Magnimise Coaching was born.

At Magnimise Coaching, we have helped over 3,000 women and men globally achieve their fitness goals. My clients have achieved their goals without restrictions, within their budget and have been able to fit their programmes comfortably within their lifestyles.

Our goal is to help more women and men overcome their eating disorders, improve their self-esteem and help them to gain weight / lose fat. My programs are designed to fit within your budget, lifestyle and ability. Together we will help you become the best version of you! So to join the team, hit your chosen subscription and let’s work together to dominate your goals.  




Training intensity and frequency needs to be increased over time in order to be able to progress and not plateau. This is something I believe that will help you build your muscles to be stronger!


The one reason I got to where I got to is because I was consistent. I did not miss a day in those 3 months of training. It takes 21 days to develop a habit , I truly believe if you’re consistent the results will show!


All I ask is for you to always be determined to achieve your goal! Compartmentalizations is necessary! The bigger picture is what you need to look forward to and that can only happen if you’re determined to meet the goal you are asking for!



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